This year's conference will feature two new exhibitions at Centre3, featuring the work of Stephen Kelly and Nicole Clouston. Exhibitions open November 9, 7-11 p.m. as part of the Art Crawl.



Nicole Clouston, Portrait of Lake ontario

Portrait of Lake Ontario is composed of fifteen acrylic prisms filled with mud that the artist harvested from fifteen locations around the Canadian and American sides of Lake Ontario; each with their own unique microbial community. When exposed to light and provided with nutrients, the microbes already present in the mud began to flourish. Their colonies grew until they were visible to the naked eye as vibrant marbling. They will continue to grow through out their exhibition.


Stephen kelly, the reality gap

A cluster of small devices collect solar energy through the gallery window, filtering natural light to the exhibition space. Meanwhile, a light sensitive robot mimics the earth’s rotation through a wandering roll around the gallery. These machines are precisely designed but fools of their environment. They are an attempt to objectify the space between simulation and the real world: the reality gap.