Maker Science Fair & Showcase

Calling all Scientists and Makers to show off their stuff!

We are looking to showcase creative projects by makers, hobbyists and digital media artists at our free makers exhibition called “The Maker Science Fair and Showcase” in Hamilton during the Function Keys Conference on Friday November 9, 2018.

If you have a cool project in electronics, robotics, mechanics, games, woodworking, interactive media art, science, 3D printing, etc. and have a flair for creativity and individuality we would love to have you in this year's Maker Science Fair. Projects do not all have to be technological. They can, for example, demonstrate renewed interest in antiquated arts and crafts. Our goal is to create an inspiring and diverse exhibition.

There is no charge for spaces but participants must apply first. Applications will be evaluated and selected applicants will be invited to participate by the Function Keys organizers. Projects will be selected based on individual technical merits, creativity and diversity.


Maker Science Fair and Showcase
Friday, November 9, 2018, 7-11pm, during the James Street Art Crawl
The Spice Factory
121 Hughson St. Hamilton
Admission is free to the public

Click Here to apply using the online application form or contact